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Learn How to Manage your Website , FTP and Emails

How to Use Cpanel

Cpanel Log in Method
In order to login your Cpanel page, open browser window and type "complete name of your website's URL " and add  /cpanel in the end.
Suppose your website's Domain Name is "" so you should type and press Enter Key.

Type your user name provided by the Hosting Company or seleted by you and Password. Press Log in Button.

Your Cpanel Page is open now.

This is the interface of your Cpanel where all the management of your website resides. Your Cpanel
has a number of option. Read items of your interest. We have encircled most frequently used items only.

How to Upload Your Website

By Using FIleZilla Software

(1) Install FIleZilla Client Software (If you dont have it, download from the following link:

(2) Launch FIleZilla Client Software

(3) Type host name, user name, password and click CONNECT button.

(a) Host name = ftp.yourwebsite name. eg., etc.
(Host name starts with " ftp.")

(b) User Name: as provided by the hosting company

(c) Password = your choosen password

(d) Port = no need to fill this field

When you connect to your hosting server, you will find the following information:

Upload Files
(1) Open public_html folder in the area marked "B" in the  image.
(2) Select files and folder from area marked "A" in the  image.
(3) Right click on the files and choose upload.

Warning: Don't forget to put files into correct folders. If you upload files in a wrong folder, these pages will not visible to your audience on the web.

Download Files
Use same procedure to download files and folders from server side.
1) Select files and folder from area marked "B".
(2) Right click on the files and choose download.

Remember: Files will be downloaded into the currently opened folder. If wish to save in another folder, first
select this folder, open it and then start downloading

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